Cantorum Keyboards

  • Perfect for those on a limited budget, but don't want to sacrifice quality!

    The products of the Cantorum line are characterized by portable instruments for authentic organ execution, all at an affordable price! The organs are equipped with an extremely simple to use interface. All sound samples are in stereo and carefully arranged to simulate a real pipe configuration.

    Different organ styles are available with independent adjustment of the voices volume to perfectly suit the organist’s needs The keyboard is carefully crafted to reproduce the touch of a real pipe organ. The compact but sturdy cabinet is easy to move and allows you to use the instruments in a fully multifunctional way.

    Portable and require very little space!

    The Cantorum kit can be flat packed and assembled with ease. They are designed to be space friendly - a perfect addition to your home, small space or congregation.



    Cantorum Duo:

    •      Wermann Festprael
    •      Bach Triosonate 5
    •      Dubois Laus Den


    Cantorum Trio:

    •      Anonym Trio in Gm
    •      Brosig Praeludium
    •      Haendel Prestoe


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