Setting Brightness Using Custom MIDI Messages

Setting Brightness Using Custom MIDI Messages

If you need to set the brightness for the USB MIDI LRT boards, you can set them dynamically (using a swell shoe or other potentiometer) by using the "Adjusting the dimming tutorial". For most instances, that is the best way to adjust the brightness. The brightness setting is then saved in the LRT boards.

However, some instances require that the brightness be set to a hard value and for Hauptwerk to control the brightness. In this case, Hauptwerk overrides whatever brightness is stored in the LRT boards.

To have Hauptwerk control the brightness open the "Custom MIDI Configuration Messages to Send" screen for each sample set. Go to Organ Settings > Advanced MIDI Applications > Custom MIDI Configuration Messages to Send.

You will need to Insert a new message for each of your USB MIDI LRT boards. Below is an example of how to set up one.


Note for Byte 01 - If your board is on channel 1, then you're going to use the number 176 as shown.

Channel 2 = 177
Channel 3 = 178
Channel 4 = 179
Channel 5 = 180
Channel 6 = 181
Channel 7 = 182
Channel 8 = 183
Channel 9 = 184
Channel 10 = 185
Channel 11 = 186
Channel 12 = 187
Channel 13 = 188
Channel 14 = 189
Channel 15 = 190
Channel 16 = 191

Note for Byte 03 - The value needs to be between 0 and 127. Once all of the other fields are filled in, you can test out various brightness settings. Auto detect the stop and get your settings working for at least one stop on the board. Turn on the stop so that the light is on. Then change the value of Byte 03 number and click "Test: send message now" to see the brightness change.


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