What is a Hauptwerk Organ?

Sample Hauptwerk Setup

A Hauptwerk organ uses Hauptwerk™ software to recreate the experience of playing specific historical pipe organs.

There are 4 parts that work together to make this happen:

  • MIDI keyboards and pedalboard
  • Audio/MIDI converter
  • Computer with Hauptwerk installed
  • Audio system - amplifier and speakers

The system can be as elaborate as having a traditional console with moving drawstops or it can be in a minimalist console with touchscreens instead of drawknobs.

The advantage to using touchscreens is that it allows you to instantly change to load play a different organ without having to adjust your console.

You can go from using a 1721 Silbermann organ which is 3 miles from Bach's house to playing a Mutin/Cavaille-Coll organ that Widor himself inaugurated. These organs would ordinarily be laid out very differently, but the screens allow everything to change seamlessly.
Whatever option you choose, we can help. We can work within your budget. You can always expand things later. The main thing is to get playing.
If you haven't heard a Hauptwerk organ, go on by to hear our users at www.contrebombarde.com. If you want to see if there is someone in your area with an instrument, use the "find an instrument near you " feature.
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