Making Hauptwerk MIDI file into an Audio file

This tutorial is for those who want to make an audio or MIDI recording using a MIDI file they have created using Hauptwerk.


1) Make sure Hauptwerk outputs your recordings in a stereo file. Go to General Settings > Audio Outputs. If you plan to upload this .wav file to, make sure that the recording format is set to 16-bit.



2) Set or locate the folder that Hauptwerk saves recordings in. Make sure you know how to find that folder later. 




3) You need to load a MIDI file into Hauptwerk. 

If you just finished recording your MIDI file, you can simply click "Play MIDI file" and it will play the last recorded MIDI file.



If it's been a while, or you have recorded other MIDI tracks since the track you're looking for, you'll have to find it using "Load recent MIDI file" and then click on "Play MIDI file".



4) If you're happy with what you have recorded so far, then click "Play MIDI file" again but click on "Start audio recording specifying a file name" immediately after pressing play. 




Congratulations! The track you recorded is the stereo audio file of the Hauptwerk MIDI file you played back.  You can now burn onto a CD or listen to in your media player by finding it in the folder where your Hauptwerk recordings are stored.





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