Assembling your Console Table

We're really excited that you have one of these consoles! 

You're going to want to take all of the pieces out and clear some space to work. You'll need a mallet of some sort and a #2 or #3 Philips (star) screw driver.

Start with one of the legs like this.



Place the cam gently in both of the holes. Press down just to start the cam into the holes. You can press them all the way into the holes if you like or you can use a mallet.

Just make sure both holes are in the wood before you start pressing down. It's hard to turn the cams once they are inserted and you will damage the wood if you try and pull them out.



Like so...



Insert the cams in as many of the holes of as many console parts as possible.



This is also a good time to screwn in as many posts as you can now. Make sure they are snug but don't over tighten them.



Once you have inserted the cams and secured the posts, you can fasten the cross piece to the leg. Insert the post into the cam and use a Philips screw driver to turn the cam clockwise to lock the post in place. Note that the cams face the back of the leg and away from the large circular cutout in the leg so that they won't be seen from the front.





Next, you can attach one of the inner legs and fasten the cam. 



Then attach the second inner leg. Note, again, that the cams are facing the inside of the console.



Next you fit in the back shelf.



Slide the shelf into the slot on the leg snugly. 



Then work on getting the inner legs into their own slots on the bottom of the shelf. Once they're all in, press down firmly on the shelf so that there is no space between the parts and twist the cams to fasten them.






Now you can attach the remaining leg to the other side.



You may have to work a bit to fit all the parts in. Once you have done that remember to fasten the cams.



Now is a good time to put the top on the console.






To insert the bolster supports, place the metal posts from the back of the bolster support into the cams on the inner leg.



Then push the other side into the outer leg. Remember to fasten the cams.




Now, generally, you have fastened all of the toe studs to the toe stud bolster already. To see how to do this, see the bottom half of this tutorial. 


Once the toe studs are installed, insert the dowels into the holes on the back of the bolster.



 Press the bolster firmly into place.



To attach the optional back, slide it into place.



And twist the cams through the tiny holes in the back.







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