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Swell Shoe for MIDI pedalboard - Black Rim
Swell Shoe for MIDI pedalboard - Black Rim
Swell Shoe for MIDI pedalboard - Black Rim
Brand: Classic MIDI Works
Product Code: 13-SSM-001B
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With a Classic Swell Shoe kit (SSM-001), a Classic MIDI pedalboard can be equipped with expression pedals and a crescendo pedal that look and feel just like those on a good pipe-organ console. Up to three shoes can be installed on the Classic MIDI Pedalboard. For use as a crescendo pedal, the shoe can be optionally mounted 3/8" higher than the other shoes.

For strength and rigidity, the mounting brackets are made of 0.125" steel and clamp directly onto the Classic MIDI Pedalboard. The foot-rest is finished in black with a layer of protective rubber, and the mounting brackets are painted black.

A rack-and-pinion gear drives a potentiometer (variable resistor) that is connected to the Classic MIDI Keyboard or the MKSC-4A MIDI keyscan computer located inside the Classic MIDI pedalboard. Operating the shoe causes voltage changes which the MKSC-4A detects and converts to corresponding MIDI volume-controller messages.



  •  Engineered to the exacting specifications of the American Guild of Organists.
  •  Mounts onto the Classic MIDI Pedalboard (sold separately).
  •  Connects to the Classic MIDI Keyboard or the Classic MIDI Pedalboard to produce MIDI messages.
  •  Beautiful black finish.
  •  Protective rubber pad provides traction and reduces slippage.
  •  Clamps onto the back of the pedalboard so is easily adjustable.
  •  Mounting bracket made of 0.125" thick steel to withstand heavy pressure from the feet.
  •  Optional positions available to mount the shoe 3/8" higher when used as a Crescendo pedal.
  •  Adjustable friction setting.
  •  Pedal measures 11.5" x 4" and is mounted 1.25” above and 0.75" away from the sharp cap in the rest position (AGO Standard).
  •  Up to three shoes can be installed and configured for Swell, Expression and Crescendo pedals.
  •  Rack and gear to drive a rotary potentiometer.
  •  Requires no external power. Power is derived from the Classic MIDI Keyboard or Pedalboard.
  •  Some assembly required. Mounting hardware and cables are included.


Unlike typical MIDI volume pedals, the Classic Swell Shoe is like swell shoes found on church organs. As such, it is ideal for home or practice use. When connected to the Classic MIDI Keyboard or the MKSC-4A controller in a Pedalboard, the swell shoe can be used to adjust volume levels on MIDI sound modules conforming to the MIDI standards of the MIDI Manufacturers Association. This includes MIDI sound modules from Ahlborn Galanti and PC-based synthesizer software such as Hauptwerk. With the addition of MIDI keyboards (ideally the Classic MIDI Keyboards), a low-cost, high-quality home organ console can be constructed with most of the features of more expensive pipe and electronic organs.

Compatibility Notes

This swell-shoe is designed for newer Classic MIDI pedalboards equipped with the MKSC-4a keyscan computer. If you purchased a Classic MIDI pedalboard before June 1, 2004 and would like to attach our swell-shoe, please contact us for further details.

The clamp in this swell-shoe kit is designed to fit perfectly on the front of a Classic MIDI pedalboard. Since that part of pedalboards is not standard, it is quite likely this clamp will not fit very well on other pedalboards.

Our MIDIWorks MIDI pedalboard can connect a maximum of 3 swell shoes.

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