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MDA - Masterworks 3-31 Theatre Organ Sample Set
MDA - Masterworks 3-31 Theatre Organ Sample Set
Brand: Milan Digital Audio
Product Code: 05-SWR-MDA-331
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Price: USD449.00

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Presenting the first 3 manual Virtual WurliTzer created exclusively for Hauptwerk 2. We have created this organ as the first of our new MasterWorks series instruments in order to bring musicians everywhere the finest possible digital instruments available.

The MasterWorks series MW3-31 theatre organ contains pipe samples from some of the finest theatre organs located around the United States. As with all of our virtual instruments, each rank includes chromatic sampling of all notes with long sustained samples allowing the movement of air through the pipes to be heard and adds utmost realism to the organs sound. Many of the ranks were recorded inside the pipe chambers while several of them were also recorded on a pipe voicing machine. The theatre installations were chosen based on quality of pipe work while also paying attention to the noise levels of chambers with minimal wind leaks. This leads to minimal noise reduction techniques during post processing ensuring that each sample is the same high quality from the original pipes sound.


Please see the specification by clicking HERE.


Sample recordings for this organ are all recorded in stereo 24 bit 96kHz direct to disk. The final sample resolution will be 24 bit 48kHz. All pipe samples are recorded close and dry inside the pipe chambers or on a pipe voicing machine with no acoustics. Each pipes attack and decay are all natural without modifications.



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