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MIDIWorks Products Will Soon Be Available In The UK!



MIDIWorks is working to have selected products (console tables, keycheeks and music rest, etc...) made in the UK. What does this mean? You can expect lower shipping costs to Europe without a loss in quality. It will be easier and quicker to purchase and build your dream virtual pipe organ!



Great Organ by Digital VPO


Looking for a sound engine to power your hardware? Why not look into Great Organ by Digital VPO? They are a Virtual Pipe Organ Software company located in the UK. Their VPO software, Great Organ is one of the new standards in digital virtual pipe and electronic organ technology. Designed for ease of use with an assortment of features, Great Organ is a great addition to add to your setup!


2800 John Street, Unit 4

Markham, Ontario

Canada, L3R 0E2


+1 (888) 812 9717