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Classic MIDIWorks response to COVID-19

July 15, 2020

Classic MIDIWorks is operating as usual, unaffected by COVID-19. We understand that many people are stuck at home bored and are looking to build themselves a VPO system. For those waiting for specific products and orders we have some great news:

  • Supplier issues have been resolved - consoles, keycheeks, music racks are now on-the-shelf in the USA.
  • We are investing in more stock "on the shelf" so we can shorten delivery times.
  • We are increasing production to get you playing your VPO as quickly as possible.
  • Though travelling across the border is closed, shipments are still able to go out.
  • For those waiting on Cantorum organs, more are on the way! Viscount (Italy) is back in production with a container arriving in late August. We invite you to click here to place a deposit to reserve yourself one.

MIDIWorks is working hard to meet the demand for home organs and VPO's. At the same time we are still practicing social distancing and sanitizing space and products. We want to thank our customers for their patience, and rest assured we will get your order out as soon as possible..



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