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Refer A Friend

Get up to an extra 5% off your next purchase, even sale items, as our thank you for sharing MIDIWorks with other organists.


Open to all new and registered customers of MIDIWorks

For every new person (up to 5 people) you refer to MIDIWorks, who register as a customer and consent to receiving marketing e-mails, both you AND the new person will receive an additional 1% off your next purchase by way of a special coupon. These referrals can stack, with a maximum of 5% discount on any MIDIWorks products. This discount can also be applied on top of a sale or promotion.


How does it work?

1. Notify your friends about this promotion either by our form below or by you directly.


Send an invitation through MIDIWorks by typing in your full name (as you provided for your own MIDIWorks account)

and the email of the person you want to invite below.


Your Full Name

Send Invite To:


2. Have them create an account on MIDIWorks. On the registration form make sure they provide your FULL NAME on the 'Referred By' field. See the example image below:



3. Once their account has been successfully created, you and the new registrant will both receive a coupon with the discount in the next 24-48 hours. Every time you refer a new account the discount will increase by 1% on your coupon.

4. Both you and the registrant can repeat this process with others until you reach the 5% maximum.

5. The referral program is only valid until the end of 2023. This also means you have until the end of the year to use your coupon.



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